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Domaine Grand'Cour

Genevan Jean-Pierre Pellegrin is the watchmaker among Swiss winegrowers. He is a perfectionist with pronounced individualism. His father was still delivering the grapes from the estate to the cooperative. In 1994, the son decides to take charge of his winemaking destiny. No sooner said than done. He restores himself the magnificent 600 year old farm, as well as the cellar, builds a barrel cellar all in old stones, because Jean-Pierre is an enthusiastic archaeologist. Pellegrin cultivates on undulating hillsides no less than 25 grape varieties - which could well be a record. With sensitivity, he vinifies his grapes in pure grape varieties or in blends to produce precise and subtle wines. Its Grand'Cour Rouge (70% Cabernet Franc and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon) is one of the most elegant Bordeaux-style blends in the country. This wine has the typical suppleness that characterizes the best wines of the canton of Geneva.
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